Vaccines Mandates Are Immoral

The gold standard to test the safety and efficacy of medical interventions is the randomly selected, double-blind, true placebo control study. Save for one study (Cowling 2012*** no true placebo studies have been done on any vaccines.

Unless the need for a given vaccine meets the following criteria:

A. Proven safe and effective via the above outlined gold standard,

B. The existence of a contagious, deadly disease for which there is no effective treatment other than vaccines,

Then vaccine mandates undermine the basic foundation of civil society, and are thus immoral.

Some facts to keep in mind:

1. Herd immunity only applies to natural immunity, not vaccine induced antigens.

2. Live virus vaccines are known to spread disease.

3. The health of the host matters more than the vector.

4. Vaccine suppression produces viral mutations, similar to how antibiotic suppression causes bacterial mutations. These mutations occur in the vaccinated population, not the unvaccinated.

5. Vaccine damage is vastly under-reported.

6. Medical freedom is crucial for civil society to remain civil.

*** “There is one study (Cowling 2012) where a true saline placebo was used, rather than another vaccine or the carrier fluid containing everything except the main antigen. That study showed no difference in seasonal influenza viral infection between groups but astonishingly it revealed a higher pandemic strain infection rate and a 5-6 times higher rate of non-influenza viral infections in the vaccinated. It is no small wonder that more true placebos are not used in vaccine research.” — Dr. Suzanne Humphries

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