I was listening to a podcast by JB Handley, of the same name as his book, “How to End the Autism Epidemic.” He was interviewing Dr. Andrew Wakefield and one of them brought up the huge whistleblower BLOW OUT at the CDC.

Funny how we don’t hear about the biggest whistleblower event in CDC history. The pharma-prostitutes are too busy scaring young families into vaccinating because of the dreaded “measles plague.” Which, I am beginning to think is mostly caused by vaccinations…but that’s another post.


“CDC SPIDER constitutes the biggest whistleblower event we’ve ever seen, bigger even than Thompson’s disturbing and compelling confession of conspiracy and coverup at the highest levels. The latest bombshell reveals (read: confirms once more) that the corruption and complicity are not anomalies, but entrenched systemic problems.”

Full article —

CDC Housecleaning? by Global Freedom Movement

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