Science Based Medicine?

From the website Vaccine Reaction, an article written in 2015 entitled, “Internet Trolls Attack Anyone Resisting Vaccine Party Line”

Well worth the time to read. For some reason known only to Google the sites mentioned in the article come up on the first page when doing a search on vaccine dissent.

In the comments section, Redpill1 writes,

“There are several commenters online that have put together some information on the Science Based Medicine Blogs and a couple of website dedicated to Gorski:
Exposing Dr. David H. Gorski, aka ORAC Organization. This is a facebook page at: https://www.facebook(dot)com/ExposingDrDavidHGorskiAkaOrac.

TruthWiki: http://www.truthwiki(dot)org/?s=David+Gorski.

Skeptical Raptor’s Blog: http://www.truthwiki(dot)org/skeptical-raptor/

Many website have provided good solid information on Gorski. Bolen reports did some article of him a few years back and Age of Autism has several very good stories investigating the site’s money trial. A former Science Based Medicine paid commentor gave information about where the funding comes from: “Science”Blogs, As Told By A Defecting “Science”Blogger http://www.ageofautism(dot)com/2010/08/scienceblogs-as-told-by-a-defecting-scienceblogger.html#more.

Sharyl Attkisson calls the Science Based Medicine blogs an astro turf site: https://sharylattkisson(dot)com/what-the-news-isnt-saying-about-vaccine-autism-studies/.

I think Orac is singing his swan song. The Science Based medicine Blogs have clearly been outed as a paid for shrill site for the pharmaceutical industry. Once you are identified as a paid operative the creditability of what you comment on and information you provided will always be questionable.”

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