Thanks for the List!

It has come to my attention that a blog based in Australia has compiled a 13 page list (and growing) of “anti-vaxxers” who the author deems as promoting child abuse and child neglect by promoting their “beliefs.” Why thank you. I now have a 13 page list of potential vaccine risk awareness activists to work along side.

The list can be found here:

Calling all risk awareness activists: Print out as quickly as possible. This list might be a violation of WordPress’s TOU. After all, why do we need to know the location of a private individual if we can debate him or her online? Answer: We don’t. It’s a violation of that person’s privacy and might put him or her in danger by an unhinged pro-vax fanatic.

We need to keep the debate civil fellow WordPress blogger. Listing a person’s name and location without their permission is uncivil. We all know this. This list of yours might be termed “universally unacceptable behavior.” By listing people’s names and locations on a public blog, expressing opinions on a debatable subject becomes dangerous, which is the beginning of the breakdown of civil debate, ergo the beginning of the breakdown of civil society.

Philip Gluyas***, your views, while well meaning — you obviously care about children — as do vaccine risk awareness activists, are misguided and uninformed.

***Since Philip Gluyas is posing in a photo with the very public figure, Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, I figured he wouldn’t mind me mentioning his name.

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