NIH Headline Misleading

Wakefield admits fabricating events when he took children’s blood samples

Excerpt from article which shows the event referenced in the headline was birthday party where Dr. Wakefield was making jokes — not admitting to “fabricating events.””Last week the GMC panel saw video footage of a speech Dr Wakefield gave in 1999 at a meeting of parents of autistic children called by the Mind Institute of the University of California, Davis, where he jokingly described children fainting and vomiting after giving blood.

“ ‘Two children fainted, one threw up over his mother,” he told his laughing audience in the clip. “People said to me, you can’t do that—children won’t come back to your birthday parties. I said we live in a market economy; next year they’ll want £10.’ ”

“But Dr Wakefield told the GMC panel that he had made up these details to amuse his listeners. “It was the end of a long and rather exacting talk for the parents, and it was an attempt to introduce a little bit of levity,” he said. “It was a quip, just a story. The way these stories are told, if the audience responds you tend to respond back. So the story was told. But it had no bearing on the truth at all.”

My thoughts:

This is one of many examples of how various entities have, themselves “fabricated events” surrounding Dr. Wakefield and the Lancet paper which got him run out of the public square. The entire debate has been mischaracterized. I notice that those who are most indignant about what they suppose Dr. Wakefield has allegedly done, have taken their “evidence” from second and third hand reports, often Big Pharma shills. Any doctor who dares breath one word against the Religion of Vaccines can expect the same kind of Inquisition.

Thankfully, Dr. Wakefield is a man of courage and integrity. I am confident he will have his day in court. As for parents. The vaccine manufacturers are going to find themselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle if they continue going after children. They haven’t yet seen the full fury of protective, angry moms and dads. “Healthy People 2020” or not…(look it up)

The Truth wins in the end. The question is, how many people suffer in the meantime. Hopefully the suffering of innocent children and devastated families will be coming to an end soon.