Thanks for the List!

It has come to my attention that a blog based in Australia has compiled a 13 page list (and growing) of “anti-vaxxers” who the author deems as promoting child abuse and child neglect by promoting their “beliefs.” Why thank you. I now have a 13 page list of potential vaccine risk awareness activists to work along side.

The list can be found here:

Calling all risk awareness activists: Print out as quickly as possible. This list might be a violation of WordPress’s TOU. After all, why do we need to know the location of a private individual if we can debate him or her online? Answer: We don’t. It’s a violation of that person’s privacy and might put him or her in danger by an unhinged pro-vax fanatic.

We need to keep the debate civil fellow WordPress blogger. Listing a person’s name and location without their permission is uncivil. We all know this. This list of yours might be termed “universally unacceptable behavior.” By listing people’s names and locations on a public blog, expressing opinions on a debatable subject becomes dangerous, which is the beginning of the breakdown of civil debate, ergo the beginning of the breakdown of civil society.

Philip Gluyas***, your views, while well meaning — you obviously care about children — as do vaccine risk awareness activists, are misguided and uninformed.

***Since Philip Gluyas is posing in a photo with the very public figure, Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy, I figured he wouldn’t mind me mentioning his name.

Threats and Intimidation

Dr. Rich Roberts, Pharma CEO, Lakewood New Jersey goes on and on absurdly bragging about his martial arts hobby, along with threatening holistic health care providers, and providers of supplements with RICO charges. Over measles….

WHAT on earth is happening to the minds of people?1?

My suggestion for parents who’ve decided not to vaccinate who are being ousted from Lakewood schools: Walk. Form your own parent funded, parent run schools with a charter guaranteeing all teachers, parents and students that the school will respect the right of parents, and the entire staff of the school, to make their own health care decisions for themselves and their children, including and especially — vaccinations.

In this case, the saying “easier said than done” might not apply.